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Gordon Davies Real Estate

Gordon Davies has, as of 1st January 2018, gone back on his own. The partnership of Anderson Davies has been dissolved.  The main reason for this is that I find having to have long meetings with Partners to decide on courses of action on things such as marketing, finances, budgeting, promotion signage, sponsorship, etc, and trying to reach agreement tests my patience. I believe I should be using my time to find solutions for my sellers and buyers. I hope I can get back to that ASAP.
I have made many mistakes over my 55 years in Real Estate and hopefully I have learnt enough from them to be of some help to clients in the myriad of problems that arise.  If not, I usually know who to recommend them to for advice.

1.    The worship of, and awarding of prizes to, agents who sell the most properties, as if they are the best, is fallacious. They are usually the agents who talk the sellers into taking the lowest price in the shortest period of time without finding the buyer for whom your home is best suited.

2.    Faith in comparative market appraisals done by computer programmes is almost totally unfounded and usually results in a low assessment of value.  The reasons are:-
a)  Most of the sold databases have several glaring mistakes in even the simplest of facts, eg, area of house.
b) Computer programmes do the comparisons, so a bare minimum of information.
c) They don’t take into account items such as:-
i) Relative value of the land based on orientation, aspect, slope, frontage, size, neighbourhood, vegetation, noise, etc.
ii) The infinite variations in houses regarding design, relationship of rooms, practicability, spaciousness, aesthetic appeal, to name a few.
iii) Current needs of buyers (often changing).

3.    If the only skill an agent has is negotiating, is to tell you to accept the first offer because the market is getting worse (they have little skill). I don’t claim to be able to do all of this well, but I, and a number of other agents, try to negotiate the best fair price.

4.    Don’t believe all the persona - recommendations, as most are written by the agents and few, if any, have the name and address of the sold property.
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